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In the fall of 2014 Leah Mack, a collage artist, met Elijah Perdomo, a musician, and they decided to figure out how to merge their mediums.

In 2019 the two launched their collaborative project named Leijah.Art (Lee-Eye-Ja-Art), and with a lot of trial and error, they finally released their very first collaboration Concepción.

During the pandemic Elijah began regularly collaborating with Ben Haugestuen making music for their online church service. The more the two worked together the more they realized their musical chemistry, and with that Leijah.Art invited Ben as a bandmate.

With the unique and beautiful collage art of Leah, the sweet tenor vocals of Elijah, and the complex catchy licks of Ben, Leijah.Art creates visuals and sounds that tell stories allowing space for a wide range emotions. With influences like Sufjan Stevens, Sigur Rós, Pink Floyd, and Radiohead, the music of Leijah.Art can range from acoustic sounds of piano, banjo, mandolin and guitar to electronic drums, synthesizers, electric guitar, and foghorns.

Leijah.Art has been featured in the Horsetooth International Film Festival, hosted the Joyful Arts Festival, and performed in FOCOMX (Fort Collins Music Experiment). They are creating and composing new songs and videos, coming to a streaming platform near you!

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